Rep. Bos Concerned by Consequences of HB 3653 for Victims

State Representative Chris Bos (R-Lake Zurich) is calling on Governor Pritzker to veto House Bill 3653, citing contradictory provisions within the legislation and concerns about its effects on assault victims, in addition to public safety concerns expressed by law enforcement.

“While I fundamentally agree that we need to reform our criminal justice system and address systemic racism within it, I am deeply concerned that House Bill 3653 will not achieve that goal and will make our communities less safe,” said Bos. “It is not simply the middle of the night process to rush through a 764-page bill, or the exclusion of law enforcement, state’s attorney’s, and victims’ rights advocates from negotiations that is the problem, by mashing two bills together it led to contradictory language within the legislation on top of many other concerns. 

“Most troubling to me is a provision that requires a victim to face their attacker at a hearing within hours of an assault. Not only does this violate the Illinois Crime Victims Bill of Rights, but as an advocate for victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking, I cannot in good conscience support a measure that would cause greater trauma to victims.

“I am calling on the Governor to veto HB 3653 so we can have a thorough, open and public debate with all stakeholders that will reform criminal justice in our state while preserving fundamentally important components of public safety.”

Bos was sworn-in to represent the 51st House District in the 102nd General Assembly after HB 3653 was passed in the waning hours of the 101st General Assembly. Although he was unable to vote on the legislation, he felt it necessary to speak out as an advocate for victims. He is the Director of Development for Reclaim13, a non-profit that works to free children from sexual exploitation by focusing on prevention programs for adolescents and adults, and healing programs for children and young adult victims of human trafficking.  

To sign the petition calling for a veto of HB 3653, Click Here.