Rep. Bos Reacts to Pritzker Budget Proposal

State Representative Chris Bos (R-Lake Zurich) issued the following statement in response to Governor Pritzker’s fiscal year 2022 budget proposal:

“I have repeatedly said that I firmly believe we can rise to face the challenges before our state by working together and recognizing there is more that unites than divides us,” said Bos. “While I do not often agree with Gov. Pritzker, he has repeatedly claimed to share a similar sentiment and desire to work together in a bipartisan fashion. Unfortunately, the budget he proposed today wasn’t simply partisan, he took direct aim at bipartisan agreements passed in 2019 to support job creators and small businesses who are still struggling to stay afloat as a result of COVID-19 shutdowns.

“The hypocrisy of his administration to use the Data Center Tax Incentive to pursue the expansion of a New York Stock Exchange data-hub in Illinois, while freezing the Blue Collar Jobs Act and proposing to reinstate a tax on struggling retail businesses doesn’t add up. Nearly $1 billion in tax increases on job creators is the last thing the state should be doing right now. It is also extremely troubling that he is once again going after scholarships that support low-income students.

“After a year of business closures, job losses and IDES failures, I had hoped to see the Governor offer a uniting message that would acknowledge tough decisions to reduce spending that allows government to operate more effectively and efficiently, while seeking to provide tax relief for those who are struggling. Instead, it is Illinois families that will be hurt the most by this reckless approach and his failure to honor his commitments.”