Rep. Bos Sponsored Bill to Ensure Access to Telehealth Services Signed by Governor

From left to right: State Sen. Napoleon Harris, Gov. JB Pritzker, State Rep. Deb Conroy and State Rep. Chris Bos.

Today, State Representative Chris Bos (R-Lake Zurich) joined Illinois Governor JB Pritzker and a bipartisan group of legislators as the Governor signed House Bill 3308 into law. The bipartisan legislation, which Bos sponsored, ensures Illinoisans will continue to have medical insurance coverage for telehealth services provided in the state of Illinois.

“I’m honored to have sponsored House Bill 3308 to ensure telehealth services will continue,” said Bos. “The past year has shown us how important and effective access to telehealth services are for our families, and this legislation is an example that when we work together in a respectful way that brings all parties to the table, we can produce good legislation. I look forward to working on more bipartisan legislation like this that moves our state forward.”

Under HB 3308, which became law as Public Act 102-0104 today, the Illinois Insurance Code is updated to require healthcare policies to cover telehealth services, e-visits, and virtual check-ins just like other covered benefits. In addition, the legislation also ensures coverage for mental health and substance use disorder telehealth services, as well as early intervention telehealth services.

The legislation passed the House and Senate with unanimous support in both chambers and received the support of various major healthcare, insurance and healthcare advocacy organizations from across the state.

Full details of HB 3308 are available by clicking here.