Rep. Bos Responds to Governor’s Latest Mask Mandate

State Representative Chris Bos (R-Lake Zurich) issued the following statement in response to the latest unilateral action by Governor Pritzker to issue a new mask mandate in Illinois schools:  

“I have said since I first took office that the Governor should not be able to perpetually issue disaster proclamations and executive orders without any oversight or consideration from the legislature. That is why I filed House Bill 2932 to limit the Governor to one proclamation per disaster and require approval by the legislature for future proclamations. Unfortunately, that bill was never given a committee hearing or a vote.

“It’s been a year and a half since the COVID-19 pandemic began and we know much more about the virus and how to treat it today than we did last year. Rather than another unilateral decision by the Governor to issue a new mask mandate in all schools, the legislature should be part of this decision-making process as a co-equal branch of government, and we should be empowering local officials, local health experts, and parents to make decisions that are best for them. The Governor going it alone on these decisions should have ended months ago.”