The Rep. Bos Broadcast: Rx Disposal Event, Give Feedback & More

Free Rx disposal event on Oct. 16.

Ensuring expired or unneeded medications don’t fall into the wrong hands is as important as ever. Join me and the Hawthorn Woods Police Department for a free prescription drug tack back event on Saturday, October 16. The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Hawthorn Woods Aquatic Center located at 94 N. Midlothian Rd. in Hawthorn Woods.  Read More Here.

Critical task force assignments.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to serve on the Route 53 Expansion Land Alternative Use Task Force and the Protection of Individuals with Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System Task Force. Regardless of where you fall on the issue of expanding Route 53, it’s not happening, and now the issue is to determine the best way forward with the land to benefit the affected communities.  Read More Here.

Bill supporting students with developmental disabilities signed.

I’m honored I was able to serve as the lead sponsor of bipartisan legislation (HB3359) and see it signed into law by the Governor. When I became aware of the situation involving a constituent in my district, I was frankly shocked. The fact that not one, but two, public community colleges had prevented a student with developmental disabilities from having his support worker with him in class didn’t make sense. This law makes sure this won’t happen again in Illinois and ensures all students will have access to the support they may need to be successful in the classroom.  Read More Here.

Independent redistricting desperately needed.

Despite numerous calls against it from several advocacy organizations throughout our state, Governor Pritzker signed the second set of gerrymandered redistricting maps passed by majority party Democrats at the end of August. Having already done it once, it’s not surprising the Governor again broke his promise to the people of Illinois. It’s sadly cynical that he will speak out against gerrymandering in other states, but when numerous diverse, good-government advocacy organizations in our state call on him to stand by his word and reject gerrymandered maps, he conveniently ignores it. Citizens deserved better. We desperately need an independent redistricting process.  Read More Here.

To serve on Human Trafficking Task Force.

We often don’t realize it, but exploitation and human trafficking happens every day, even in communities we assume are safe. The fact is, human trafficking is modern day slavery, and its perpetrators come in all shapes and sizes. These people will target anyone they think they can exploit for profit, whether it’s the young for sex work or the unsuspecting for forced labor. Although we’ve made progress in the fight against traffickers, my experience in working with victims has taught me that we must never let down our guard. I hope my experience can be an asset to the task force as we work to develop policies to both clamp down on traffickers and provide healing for victims.  Read More Here.

Give your feedback: Reimagine Illinois surveys.

A government works best when it values citizen input. Our Reimagine Illinois initiative focus on four main policy areas: ending the culture of corruption, responsible fiscal leadership, growing jobs and opportunities for families, and ensuring public safety. I invite you to learn more about these policy initiatives and give you feedback by taking a short survey for each.  Click Here.

Thanks for a great Kids Fair!

What an amazing turnout for our kids fair with State Sen. Dan McConchie at Foglia YMCA a couple of weeks ago! Huge thank you to all the organizations and communities, and all the families who came out to make this such a great event. Can’t wait for next year!  See the pics here.

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