Illinois Finally Moves to License Midwives as Alternative Birthing Option

A licensed midwife is a person who has undergone specialized training to assist in the birth process. Midwives are often chosen, in the states where midwifery is licensed, by healthy mothers as part of a birthing process that looks for alternatives to intensive-care hospitals. The midwife birthing process can take place in a mother’s home, but often takes place at a specialized birthing center. Statistical evidence shows that expectant mothers who have been screened for the health of their approaching birth have good birth-process outcomes when they choose a midwife as their birthplace health assistant. Based on this evidence, Illinois midwives pushed in late 2021 to win full licensure as recognized health professionals.

The fall 2021 midwifery licensure bill is HB 3401. The House approved this bill by a concurrence vote of 114-1-0, sending the measure to the Governor for final action. Final House action was taken on Thursday, October 28.