The Rep. Bos Broadcast: Veto Session Recap & More

Illinois moves to license midwives.

A licensed midwife is a person who has undergone specialized training to assist in the birthing process. Midwives are often chosen, in the states where midwifery is licensed, by healthy mothers as part of a birthing process that looks for alternatives to intensive-care hospitals. The midwife birthing process can take place in a mother’s home, but often takes place at a specialized birthing center. Statistical evidence shows that expectant mothers who have been screened for the health of their approaching birth have good outcomes when they choose a midwife as their birthplace health assistant. Based on this evidence, Illinois midwives pushed in late 2021 to win full licensure as recognized health professionals.  Read More Here.

Electric vehicle & battery manufacturing incentive package passes.

Last week, the General Assembly took a big step to attract new jobs to Illinois, and to help strengthen the supply chain Illinois manufacturers depend upon to make their products. House Bill 1769, creates the Reimagining Electric Vehicles in Illinois (REV Illinois) Program. This program will provide incentives to attract new businesses to Illinois that will supply our existing manufacturers with components they need for production.  Read More Here.

GA votes to diminish religious and moral protections.

For many years, Illinois has actually been an example to the nation for how to protect religious and moral freedoms through the Health Care Right of Conscience Act. Instead of respecting these fundamental rights essential to our democracy, it is the latest right to be reduced for political motivation at the urging of Governor Pritzker. It’s even more sad because more than 50,000 Illinoisans and organizations who filed witness slips in opposition to this legislation had their voices completely ignored by the majority party.

Our democracy works because we respect sincerely held beliefs and embrace the benefit different beliefs offer our society. Those benefits are lost when we create laws that deliberately prevent people from following their beliefs if it doesn’t always conform to the popular view of the majority political party. The people deserve better.  Read More Here.

Legislature sends repeal of parental notification to Gov. over strenuous objections.

As a father of two daughters, I am deeply concerned about the repeal of Illinois’ parental notification law. Worse though, as someone who has spent years in the fight against sex trafficking I am heartbroken for what this repeal means for victims. This is not hyperbole, I have looked into the eyes a minor girl who was coerced into the sex trade and seen a pain I cannot know. She was saved from her torment because her parents were notified when her abuser took her for an abortion to cover up the crime. And sadly, there are many more like her, but thankfully many of them have begun the process of healing because parental notification was in place.

It is the responsibility the legislature to pass laws that protect our most vulnerable children, not put them at greater risk. Unfortunately, the repeal of parental notification means those who victimize and abuse children will now have another tool to continue the cycle of violence, exploitation and abuse of children for their own personal and selfish gains.  Read More Here.

Extremely gerrymandered congressional map passes.

Image credit: Princeton Gerrymandering Project.

One of the top issues facing the General Assembly last week was passage of the new congressional redistricting map for Illinois. The House held no committee hearing on the final version of the map, took no testimony from advocates, and gave legislators and the general public no time to review or digest the details of the new map. The non-partisan Princeton Gerrymandering Project has since rated the map with a grade of F in all categories for fairness, competitiveness and geographic features. Despite this, much as they did with the state legislative redistricting map, the majority voted to pass the fourth and final version of their gerrymandered congressional map around midnight on the final day of Veto Session.  Read More Here.

Honoring Chicago Sky WNBA Championship.

The WNBA champion Chicago Sky came to Springfield for official Illinois House recognition on Tuesday, October 26.  Although seeded No. 6, the Chicago Sky fought back from their challenging seeding through playoff victories over WNBA teams from Dallas, Minnesota, and Connecticut. In a best-of-five final, the Chicago Sky then defeated the Phoenix Mercury, three games to one, to win their first championship.  Read More Here.

Season of Giving Blood Drive.

This December, I am partnering with Ela Township and Versiti to host a blood drive at the Ela Township Building in Lake Zurich. COVID-19 caused a reduction in blood donation and the need is still high. Appointments to donate are available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on December 16. We will also be collecting non-perishable food for the St Vincent de Paul food pantry. A list of the most needed items for the food pantry will be added to my website in the coming weeks.  Click here for more information and to schedule a donation appointment.

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