January Sees Only One-Day of Session

With the uptick in COVID-19 cases in January, the General Assembly reconvened for only one-day in January to start the 2022 session. The schedule had initially called for the members of both chambers to meet continuously from January through March. Instead, the House and Senate have changed their rules to do some of our business remotely. Of particular significance are the current rules for House committee meetings and testimony: each House committee has been conducting meetings via video conferencing.

Governor Pritzker will give his joint State of the State and Budget Address on February 2, but it remains to be seen if the legislature will finally return for the address in-person and get back to addressing the many pressing issues facing our state.

The House and Senate are scheduled to adjourn the spring session on Friday, April 8, in advance of the June primary election. The adjournment date is one week before Easter. The election immediately after the last U.S. Census, 2022, is a redistricting election year in which all of the members of both chambers that are choosing to run for re-election will have to file in districts with new boundaries. This will apply to both the primary election in June and the general election in November. In addition, every House and Senate seat will be on the ballot. This is always true for Illinois House members, who must run for re-election every two years; but the Illinois Constitution grants members of the Illinois Senate several election holidays. Each Illinois Senate district reappears on the ballots of its voters three times in every 10-year period.    

All bills filed in the 2022 spring session will be tracked on the General Assembly website. If a bill is posted for a House committee hearing, all Illinoisans – including those not present in person in Springfield – will be able to register their support for or opposition to the bill in the General Assembly dashboard app.