Rep. Bos Responds to Pritzker Budget Proposal

State Representative Chris Bos (R-Lake Zurich) issued the following statement in response to Governor Pritzker’s joint 2022 State of the State and Budget Address:

“What I heard from the Governor today was nothing more than smoke and mirrors to distract from the real problems facing the long-term fiscal health of our state,” said Bos. “He talked about ‘relief’ for taxpayers, but it was only a year and a half ago that he tried to bully the state into passing the largest income tax hike in state history. When voters rejected him, he went after small businesses to raise taxes, going back on his own bipartisan agreement.

“What really changed? A massive federal bailout. Our state revenues are decreasing by half a billion dollars this fiscal year, while the Governor wants $2.5 billion more in new spending. This budget is nothing more than an election-year gimmick that does nothing to address the structural issues that have held Illinois back for decades. You can’t just borrow and throw one-time federal money at the problem and call yourself a winner.”