The Rep. Bos Broadcast: End of Session Review, Events & More

State budget.

While I would like to report that this year we saw the promised “new day” and a bipartisan budget agreement that addresses our long-term structural problems with the state’s finances, the facts say otherwise. The majority party is touting their election-year budget as a triumph of good management when in reality it’s entirely temporary – the direct result of a massive federal bailout and an inflation-induced sugar high. When those temporary funds inevitably run out and structural changes have not been made, it will be all our families who foot the bill. Do not be fooled by election-year gimmicks. I voted for the temporary tax relief proposal because it was the only option we had in the middle of the night to help struggling families as inflation surges, but I didn’t vote for this budget. Until we have a state government that can learn to live within its means, Illinoisans will continue to shoulder the highest tax burden in the nation.  Read More Here.

Bill to ensure no one is forced to die alone passes GA.

No one should have to die without a family member by their side. No one should have to learn their mother or their husband is suffering rapid decline but be denied the opportunity to give them love and compassion in their final moments. Unfortunately, many were denied this opportunity due to executive orders. SB 1405 recognizes the dignity of every life and ensures no one else will be forced to face death alone.  Read More Here.

Standing up for child sex victims, bill heads to Governor.

The unanimous passage of House Bill 4593 in both the House and Senate says to victims in a unified voice that we see you, we hear you and we will not let your abusers off the hook for their depraved actions. Under the legislation, those who pay for sex with underage victims would no longer be able to claim they did not know the person they solicited was underage.  Read More Here.

Underfunding of unemployment fund completely irresponsible.

We’ve been warning our Democrat colleagues for months that we face a deadline to pay back unemployment insurance debt to the federal government. We could have used $4.5 billion in ARPA funds to pay that money back and avoid a penalty, just like other states across the country have done. Instead, Democrats passed a bill that only pays off $2.7 billion of that debt so they can use the rest of the ARPA money for pet projects. Now, when we can least afford it, they are forcing a tax hike on jobs, cuts to future benefits and leaving the fund vulnerable to a future emergency. This is completely irresponsible.  Read More Here.

Raising awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. This month is an opportunity to remind us all of the warning signs of child abuse and encourage everyone to report it if they suspect abuse is happening. Speaking up may not only stop a child’s abuse, but it may also save their life. If you suspect a child is being abused or neglected in Illinois, call 1-800-25-ABUSE (1-800-252-2873). To learn more about the warning signs, Click Here.

Calling for audit of DCFS.

Protecting our most vulnerable children is not a partisan issue. My colleagues and I have introduced legislation, HR 824, to conduct an independent audit into the tragedy of child deaths and Director Smith being held in contempt of court eight times this year. Children’s lives are at stake if we keep doing nothing or continue to skirt around the edges of the real overhauls that DCFS needs.  Read More Here.

Scramble for public safety reform falls short.

The safety of our communities should be a top priority for legislators every day, not just in an election year. After warning Democrats in the legislature for months that we need to address problems created by their last minute passing of the unvetted SAFE-T Act last year, their scramble to pass lip service legislation has fallen desperately short. I voted to support law enforcement and our communities, but much more should have been done before session ended.  Read More Here.

Upcoming Events:

  • Legislative Update with Sen. McConchie & Rep. McLaughlin – Tonight – Wednesday, April 13
  • Starting the Conversation – Wednesday, April 20
  • Prescription Drug Take Back – Saturday, April 30
    • In coordination with DEA National Drug Take Back Day and the Lake Zurich Police Department, we will be collecting your unwanted or expired prescription drugs and safely disposing of them for FREE.
    • 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Lake Zurich Police Department.
    • Click here for details.

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