State Representative Chris Bos (R-Lake Zurich) has been appointed to serve on the Ensuring Success in School Task Force in the Illinois House. Bos will being his appointment immediately, and will serve alongside 21 additional members operating under the State Supt. of Education and supported by the State Board of Education.  

The task force was created through legislation signed into law earlier this year, with the purpose of providing new rights to students that are victims of domestic or sexual violence, or are parents, expectant parents, to ensure they can stay in school, stay safe, succeed academically, and complete their education. This legislation is intended to provide support services and options to these students to further their education success.

Rep. Bos was an advocate for the bill throughout the legislative process and voted in favor of the measure this spring. As a member of the Task Force, the Representative will work to draft and publish model policies and intergovernmental agreements for inter-district transfers, confidentiality and privacy considerations for students, complaint resolution procedures, and determine best practices for mandatory staff and educator trainings—or necessary new trainings.

“This legislation will improve our education system in Illinois to help ensure that every student no matter their circumstances are protected and have the necessary resources they need to succeed,” said Bos. “The task force will take it a step further to assess what else we can do to set our students in Illinois up for future success.”

Bos was appointed to serve on Ensuring Success in School Task Force by House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, who was designated one member to appoint.

“Representative Bos has the best skillset to make this task force productive and make a difference in our state’s larger education system for those students most at risk,” said Leader Durkin.

Prior joining the General Assembly, Representative Bos served as the Director of Development for Reclaim13, a non-profit that works to free children from sexual exploitation by focusing on prevention programs for adolescents and adults, and healing programs for children and young adult victims of human trafficking.

The Task Force will report its work on or before June 30, 2024 to the General Assembly, including recommendations for changes.